The Leather Daddy

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Genre: Horror Spoof

One Line Pitch:

It’s what we would get if Mel Brooks wrote a slasher film. 


The story of a masked serial killer The Leather Daddy, and the high school students he terrorizes in the town of Springtown. The authorities and the town at large have a difficult time discovering who the killer is despite Leather Daddy hiding in plain sight. 

Where The Leather Daddy Comes From

  When I was 19 my pals and I were hoping to make a short film during the course of a night. We decided upon filming a video of two guys in their underwear playing chess, and then for a masked killer to burst in and shoot both of them. One of my buddies dressed for the role of the killer, and his outfit consisted of a ski mask, a leather jacket, and leather pants. When I saw him dressed like this I blurted out “Dude, you’re a Leather Daddy.”  The name stuck in my head and ultimately I decided to write a screenplay based on this Leather Daddy character. 

I knew I didn’t want to write a straight slasher film, but was very interested in writing a spoof, much like Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein” or the great blaxploitation parody “Black Dynamite.” Both of these movies are hysterical, yet are also really effective at being faithful to the genres they are poking fun at. If a person didn’t know any better they may assume “Black Dynamite” is a straight blaxploitation film, instead of a parody of one. 

     Early on in the writing process I decided what would set my story apart from other slasher films is that my character would be hiding in plain sight. By this I mean he would be wearing the costume he does all his killings in while being in public doing regular every day things. During the course of the movie he’s in his leather bondage suit while sitting in a diner, attending a town hall meeting, and even chaperoning the high school prom, and yet nobody ever sees anything odd about that. Thinking about it still gives me a chuckle (and hopefully it does for you too). 

As with any other story remotely close to the horror genre, I desire there to be a fully fledged Leather Daddy franchise. Stay tuned for scripts for The Leather Daddy Returns and the eventual Leather Daddy: The Musical.