Sampson & Gregory Party Down

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Genre: College Comedy

One Line Pitch:

A Stripped-Down Indie Superbad 

Another One Line Pitch:

Superbad meets Withnail & I


Two college students spend a weekend looking for a good party, hoping to forget about their lives for a little while.

Where Sampson & Gregory Party Down Comes From

During my freshman year of college I took a Shakespeare class. On the first day my professor assigned us to read the opening scene of  Romeo & Juliet. After giving the assignment he say, “I’m sure a lot of you have read Romeo & Juliet before, but trust me you don’t know anything about it. Read that opening scene and really think about what it means.”  When I read the opening scene I saw that it’s about two bumbling workmen for the Capulet family, Sampson and Gregory, complaining about work and bragging about nonexistent sexual conquests. (I had read the play before in high school but had completely overlooked this) I decided then and there I needed to take these two characters and use them for my own purposes in a modern college setting. I read A Midsummer Night’s Dream for class soon after that and tossed in a character named Puck into my script as well. My Puck character is based on a guy  I went to high school with who had a similar open door policy in terms of people coming and going, and was up to some pretty seedy stuff. 

I really like the film Superbad, particularly the dialogue sequences of Jonah Hill’s character complaining to Michael Cera’s character about his own romantic inadequacies, and making outrageous suggestions as to how to fix them. I also love the movie Withnail & I, which is about two unemployed British actors getting into a series of misadventures, with one of them being an alcoholic always on the edge of a nervous breakdown and always giving outrageous speeches bemoaning his situation. The other character in the movie seemed like a perfectly normal person who’s only major mistake in life appeared to be that he ever became friends with the first guy in the first place. The dynamics between the main characters in both of these movies were major influences on my script.  Gus Van Sant’s film My Own Private Idaho was certainly an influence as well since it updated aspects of Shakespeare’s Henry IV plays into an eccentric modern setting. This can be said about the film Scotland, PA as well, which updates Macbeth.