Party At Bad Boy Drive

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Genre: Comedy

   Summary: In 1975 Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty throw a party featuring many icons of that era; hilarity ensues.

Where Party At Bad Boy Drive Comes From:

Shortly before writing this I had read biographies on Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. I found it interesting that these two wild personalities lived a great deal of their lives on the same road at the same time in Hollywood, and that Marlon Brando was there too. This lead me thinking about what mischief they must have been up to over the years. Around the same time I had watched the Peter Sellers movie The Party which consists of Sellers’ character wandering around a Hollywood party during the course of a single night getting into misadventures. The idea of writing a movie like that seemed appealing. These two ideas of mine converged for Party At Bad Boy Drive.

    I have my doubts whether anyone would ever be interested in funding this. (in the future I could see myself  renting out a big house for a couple weeks and shooting it on the fly) but the writing process was a blast.

             I’ve also had an idea for a spiritual sequel to this one day about two different celebrities doing something similar.