Justice Snigur


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Genre: Sitcom

One Line Pitch:

An Odd Couple story about a Supreme Court Justice and his slacker friend.


Shortly after Andrew Snigur is sworn in as the youngest Supreme Court Justice in American history his slacker friend Puck shows up and asks if he can live in his court chambers for a while until his life gets settled.

Where Justice Snigur Comes From:

           Shortly after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died me and a pal of mine launched into a Facebook chat about how President Obama should go about nominating a replacement for him since the Republicans were determined to give him a hard time (They sure did). My friend jokingly suggested that Obama should simply “nominate Snigur”, referring to a mutual friend of ours who lived in DC.  I responded to this joke by saying “yeah, he should, and then I could crash in his chambers and get stoned all the time. Those Supreme Court Justice chambers must be amazing.” A couple months later while laying in bed it clicked to me that a scenario like that could be the basis for a TV sitcom. Thus I set about writing it and here we are.