LaTorre Story: A Spot For Nick LaTorre and His Work

On this website you’ll be able to view my screenplays and pilot scripts (the ones currently presentable enough to show), as well as information about my books.  Click a cover image to begin your descent into my imagination.




Scripts Currently Getting Polished For Presentation

  • Dorm Room
  • For Joe’s Eyes Only (offshoot of The Adventures of Joe & Andy)
  • Lee Miller & The Man In Black
  • Noir, Spain
  • Saul Roth’s Band of Merry Felons

Scripts In Progress

  • Cruise Heist Romance 
  • Joe, Andy, and Jim’s Wild Ride (Sequel to The Adventures of Joe & Andy)
  • High School Biker Gang (TV Pilot)


Books In Progress

  • Interviews WIth the Rauschmonstrum (a Rauschmonstrum tie-in)
  • Joe Kerson’s Odyssey  (Another Joe Kerson Story)
  • Sketches of Dick LaGorry 
  • You’re Lost, Little Girl

The Best Is Yet To Come!

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